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Wealth Simplified

Business owners and individuals work hard for years to create a company and/or a personal balance sheet with lasting value that can be monetized when they are ready to retire or to leave as a legacy to their heirs. Most business owners and individuals are working hard as the CEOs of their business and/or their personal life and are focused on day-to-day issues and often take for granted the growing and sustainable value that may not need attention now. However, a successful business or personal exit takes years to prepare for and an unexpected life event can destroy even the most successful business or personal financial plan. Additionally, for an owner or individual to realize the greatest personal value from their business or personal life, their financial cash flow and tax planning must be coordinated and integrated with their personal planning and among their various professional advisors. 

Business owners and individuals obtain wealth from 5 main sources:

  1. Business interests
  2. Qualified Plans
  3. Real Estate
  4. Investments
  5. Risk Management Tools

All of the above have their own unique characteristics such as protection, tax advantages, growth, etc. Rarely, if ever, do all of their advisors meet in the same room at the same time. Each advisor, not knowing what all others are doing, typically wants their bucket filled up with the most money and often does not look at the other financial buckets. Most clients have multiple financial buckets but not a clear vision of how each of them work over time or in concert with one another. Quite often as a consequence, there are financial leaks occurring they are unaware of. Yet all business owners and individuals strive for optimal financial balance that will provide them the following benefits:

  • Less tax
  • More Certainty/ Low Volatility
  • More Retirement Income (often 15%-35% through tax planning)
  • More Benefits
  • Removal of the Fear of Running out of Money
  • Better Access to Capital
  • A Controlled Legacy
  • Maintain Existing Relationships
  • Succession Planning Considerations

Our holistic process tests the efficacy of "what they are doing now" and what it will look like 5,10, 20 and 40 years and beyond. We then look for ways to recover costs and taxes and demonstrate more efficient accumulation, distribution, and legacy strategies.

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